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My teacher gave us an assignment where we get to interpret a piece of artwork, and I get to pick my choice of work. The artist has to have significant historic and cultural value; I am a fan of Salvador Dali's work so I picked him. The piece has to have a thought provoking meaning and reflection. The piece needs to have deep content and meaning. I will need to write a college essay so I need something good to work with here. I picked my Top 6 works by him and I am stuck here as to which piece to pick for my interpretation. (In no particular order or ranking) 1) The Persistence of Memory 2) Swans Reflecting Elephants 3) Dream Caused by The Flight of a Bee 4) Self Construction with Boiled Beans 5) Burning Giraffe 6) Illumined Pleasures. Here is an image for your reference:
My teacher gave us an assignment where we get to interpret a piece of artwork, and I get to pick my choice of work. The artist has to have significant historic and cultural value; I am a fan of Salvador Dali's work so I picked him. The piece has to have a thought provoking meaning and reflection. The piece needs to have deep content and meaning. I will need to write a college essay so I need something good to work with here. I picked my Top 6 works by him and I am stuck here as to which piece to pick for my interpretation. (In no particular order or ranking) 1) The Persistence of Memory 2) Swans Reflecting Elephants 3) Dream Caused by The Flight of a Bee 4) Self Construction with Boiled Beans 5) Burning Giraffe 6) Illumined Pleasures. Here is an image for your reference:
My teacher gave us an assignment where we get to interpret a piece of artwork, and I get to pick my choice of work. The artist has to have significant historic and cultural value; I am a fan of Salvador Dali's work so I picked him. The piece has to have a thought provoking meaning and reflection. The piece needs to have deep content and meaning. I will need to write a college essay so I need something good to work with here. I picked my Top 6 works by him and I am stuck here as to which piece to pick for my interpretation. (In no particular order or ranking) 1) The Persistence of Memory 2) Swans Reflecting Elephants 3) Dream Caused by The Flight of a Bee 4) Self Construction with Boiled Beans 5) Burning Giraffe 6) Illumined Pleasures.Salador Dali top 6 by annehill
I am seeking editing suggestions, critique, feedback, and reviews. See the whole entire book at my web site thebackgroundofanne.yolasite.c… (This is just 10 pages of the book.) Send me emails at
This book is ©annehill 2015.

Saturday, March 2, 2013:

I am NOT HAPPY right now. Mötley Crüe is away from the United States and I want them in the United States because, I want to meet Nikki Sixx so bad. I mean so bad that I’d sell my soul. To fly over to Abbotsford, Canada, a hotel, VIP tickets for 972 dollars! I’ll hand you 1,000 dollars to meet Nikki Sixx! I’m okay with that if I have to pay money. I just want to meet Nikki Sixx already and get this over with and get this out of my life! I want to give him a hug and shake his hand! Please for crying out loud; please help me! I can’t stalk him I would get in so much trouble! That’s impossible and beyond me! Why? Does it have to be so hard to meet Nikki Sixx in particular? I am crying and crying over this right now. My parents are ignoring me and isolating me. I am in A DARK PLACE right now. I have no clue when this book will be published and I WILL NOT meet Nikki Sixx until then. Trust me, I promise you that I am a gentle, loving, kind-hearted person, I am kid-friendly, family-friendly, and I am perfect. I am so upset and I am getting choked up as I write this! Why is it that Chole McCharty, and 8-year-old girl, and all these other people paying 972 dollars get to meet Nikki Sixx? Why? Why? Why? I want to know! Tears are running down my face? Can somebody please just tell me why! I really want to meet Nikki Sixx. When Nikki Sixx had his This Is Gonna Hurt book signing in 2011; I was only 14-years-old! I was a stupid 14-year-old! I am so sad! I am so helpless and can you please tell me Nikki Sixx is human just like me. I just need to talk to him. I am not trying to be aggressive. I am trying to declare my cries for help. I am JEALOUS of all these people paying 972 dollars to meet Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick Mars in Canada! Dude, why can’t it be me for once? There is nothing wrong with me! I tell everybody and all my teachers know about Nikki Sixx. Cannot keep my mouth shut. Why did I fall in love with Nikki Sixx? I love Nikki Sixx no matter what. How can you love someone if you know you will never meet him? Difficult times right now for me. My Dad is NOT helping me and I am distraught. This is really sad for me; can you feel my pain? I am NOT the same person I used to be. I love Mötley Crüetoo much to resist this opportunity! Everyone in Canada will be able to enjoy this opportunity! Why me? Why is it that I get EXCLUDED! What if I did go to Canada and I told Mr. Sixx I flew all the way up here to meet him and I spent all this money! I love Nikki Sixx so much and only if you knew how much I love him. SO MUCH! What is it about Nikki Sixx that I love? I love his personality, his talent, his style, his photography, his music, his ego, his heart, his everything! I fell for him when I was really young and I couldn’t help myself. I am so sad that I cannot go up to Canada and party! I NEVER get to have any fun like that kind of fun! I NEVER get to miss school and go on a vacation. A vacation is exactly what I need. I need a big hug from Nikki Sixx. YOU KNOW that’s what I really need. I am in a depression right now. My Mom mocks me about every single thing I want to do. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MEET Nikki Sixx. THE OPPORTUNITY WON’T HAPPEN BECAUSE, OF THE TIMING AND THE LOCATION! I will never meet Nikki Sixx! I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS! I still love him. When I was little, I saw photos of Nikki Sixx with Donna D’Errico and his children! I just fell in love with him, I was like one or two years old; I don’t remember! I remember Nikki Sixx in Brides of Destruction! And the best thing I can have is Tracci Guns from LA Guns to follow me on Twitter. By the way, he is very cool. I still love Nikki Sixx and I can’t show him that I love him if I WILL NEVER MEET HIM! I love Nikki Sixx and if I run into him; there’s no need to even be nervous. I know so much about Frank and I only want the best for him. I just really, really, really want to meet Frank, like everyone else who has.

How I fell in love with Nikki Sixx, how I choose him, is such a complex story. From the beginning when I heard “Looks That Kill” by Mötley Crüe. I remember I saw the music video and it was love at first sight with Nikki Sixx for me. I saw Nikki Sixx’s picture on Motely Crüe CDs. I obsessed with Mötley Crüeat a very early age and I don’t even remember how old I was? Probably like 4 years old. I remember when I saw the “Shout At The Devil” era Motely Crüe at that age I was thinking “They look so cute…I want to squeeze Nikki Sixx like a teddy bear…” I remember this explicitly. I wanted Nikki Sixx to pick me up and hold me. I had this beautiful fantasy that we would be walking somewhere and holding me when I was little. I cannot believe I remember this! When I saw Nikki Sixx with those funky sunglasses on with Donna D’Errico, it was love and lust. Of coarse, I liked him for his looks too, and his tallness. It was later that I would discover it was actual love. I remember experiencing love. This was something I never talked about. I would pretend I disliked Nikki Sixx or had no clue at all who he was! I never wanted anyone to really know the TRUTH was that I really liked him. I was just born with this crush! I wish I had been able to meet him much earlier in my life. Nikki Sixx is like my “Prince Charming” people. And I wish I was born earlier too so I maybe would have been able to marry him! Oh My Gosh! I love him, I love him, I LOVE him! The Internet was a whole other world for me. I used the computer very early in my life because; my Dad had me using computer software for toddlers. Then I went on the Internet and saw Mötley Crüe pictures on web sites. When I was a little kid, I just wanted to think about Nikki Sixx picking me up. I am the ugly duckling; I am the musician, the talent-less person who never got recognized for being a Mötley Crüe fan. And shockingly, I had wanted to be a part of Nikki’s family at that age too. I am admitting this for you Nikki Sixx. I want you to hear me. I love you. Aren’t I the ugly duckling? I know it just breaks your heart. My story may not be the best but please understand me that I am Nikki Sixx’s TRULY GREATEST fan.

Another concept that I do NOT understand, is that my Mom heckles at me because, of Nikki Sixx’s age and she calls him an “old fart.” Age is just a number (besides the fact that people have experiences in their life). Age is NOT funny (unless that old man is an asshole). I love Nikki Sixx so much that I will say that I am 54 years old to just to get people to accept my love for him. Come on, you know I cannot be 54 years old when I am 16 years old. I cannot be 38 years older than what I already am.

[READ MORE AT thebackgroundofanne.yolasite.c…

Lately, I have been spending my time listening to music on YouTube. My life is been easier for me these days. This is a short list of bands and musicians I spend my time on YouTube listening to: Little Feat, The Cars, Black Sabbath, Black Foot, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Hard Stuff, Three Man Army, Elvis Presley, Spirit, and Baker-Gurvitz Army.

On Sunday Febuary 23rd, 2013 I viewed Kerri Kasem’s Twitter Account (because, I wanted to). Then I found Nikki Sixx’s Tweets. All this week and last night I was on Nikki Sixx’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Which was really fun. And there was just this one photograph that just covered me in chocolate. (My analogy “covered me in chocolate” means to be excited over something sensual and provocative.) Sometime this year, Nikki Sixx visited the doctor and his heart was tested for an “Electrocardiogram.” He posted the photograph on Instagram of his “Electrocardiogram,” and I love this photo because, I think that his body is so attractive! There, I said it people. Nikki said that he has the heart of a healthy 30-year-old woman. I was wondering why they said he has the heart of a healthy woman when he is a man. My Dad explained this to me because, I asked him. Supposedly, there is a scientific theory that women have a stronger heart than men do because, women can get pregnant. Yesterday, I read that the “Y Chromosome” in a male baby makes the woman’s heart stronger because, the stem cells from the baby assimilate into the heart of the woman, which makes her heart younger. (The “Y Chromosome” shows presence in the women’s myocardial cells, this makes her heart younger.) Nikki Sixx has the heart of a healthy 30-year-old woman, now that’s someone who literally has a big, healthy heart!

On Friday, February 22nd, 2013, I came to my After-School Music Lesson with the “Friendship Circle.” Then on Saturday, February 23, 2013, my Mom was selling dolls at the Antique Show in Pasadena, CA. I spent the whole day in Pasadena, CA with my Dad listening to the Satellite Radio in the car. My Mom bought me a 1940’s Wind-Up Rabbit, a Reproduction “Raggedy Ann & Andy,” and a Vintage Duck Penny Toy. I love collecting new and old toys. On Sunday, February 24, 2013, my parents and I came to the Torrance Street Fair. My Dad and I ate desserts at the Torrance Bakery. Later, I ate ice cream at Foster’s Freeze. Before my Dad and I ate ice cream, we visited an Antique Shop that was having a sale. My Mom came into the Antique Shop and there was another vintage wind-up toy I desired my parents to purchase for my collection. The staff lady pulled out the vintage wind-up toy “Birds-In-A-Basket” and the toy was priced seventy-five dollars! So, I could not have this old toy. Emotionally, I felt very embarrassed because, my Mother wants to get a job really badly, now that I have reached age sixteen. I held discussions with my Dad on how I want to change my wardrobe. That’s all for today.

This book is unique and focused around the like-minded, caring teenager, Anne Marie Hill. I prepared in 2011 to write my book. This story begins with writings from early 2012. On January 2, 2012 I was only fifteen years old. My judgement and writing approach was deranged. Please read with a calm mind. Recognize the differences between my writing back and now. Please, realize my changes mentally also from 2012 to 2013. –February 27th, 2013

I crashed last night at about 9:30 PM. It’s 6:55 AM, Tuesday, January 10th, 2012. I decided this would be an official high point to start my book. We got a new car yesterday (last night). After school, I didn’t know if my dad would be gone all the way past Santa Barbara for an interview, security clearance. My dad has new job at the Air Force Base past Santa Barbara, CA. My mom picked me up after school, I asked her if our car was here, I thought I heard her say No. I had gotten one pulled underneath me; my dad was just running airens inside his 1975 Celica. The car was a long distance, once I got to the car, my mom told me she had to mail some bills. I keep asking her, if she had read my letter. She said I don’t have to make my furry costume. I can go with her credit card on the computer, with her watching me. I keep telling her to give me a budget, she kept telling me, “I have to go through my fiancées.” Then she drove all the way to Redondo Beach to Hallmark; I had to wait an hour for her to write her bills. We had a little bit of an upsetting conversation on the way there also. I didn’t like my mom’s perspective and I won the conversation. I kept telling me to read To Kill A Mocking Bird in the car but I just wanted to go home. Then we were talking about Assistant Principals. And we were talking about the brief Assistant Principal at My middle school. Which reminded me of something else, that I otherwise have forgotten about. After I came home, inside the house, my dad showed me a bag from Office Max, “Everything in this Bag 20% off.” I looked on the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, “Hardcover Journals 8 x 10.” I could not find any Hardcover Journals that were 8 x 10, which could qualify for my use, on “Office Max’s” online web site. I told him, “Staples has the Martha Stewart hardcover journals that are 8 x 10, 202 pages, for fifteen dollars.” Then my dad was on the computer look up the location of Staples. I thought he was looking up to see if there was one than one “Staples” near by. I was looking for my dark brown Monkey Knit Hat from JCPenny and I couldn’t find it. We went to Togo’s and I got the usual: Turkey Sandwich, White Bread, Deshaun Mustard, Swiss Cheese, Spring Mix, and Avocado. I got the Mini Sandwich. Then my dad and I went to Penguin’s frozen yogurt after that. That place just plays Go Country 101, and I heard Taylor Swift’s “Another Picture to Burn” on the radio. My dad and I were discussing Trader Joe’s and we weren’t going to go there until after we went to Staples. It’s 7:17 AM; I have to get ready for School.

January 12th, 2012, Thursday, it’s 6:30 AM. I was not able to come back to this book for 2 days. I haven’t written completely about January 9th, 2012, Tuesday. So much more happened, including our new car. I’ve rode in the new car quite a few times by now. On January 10, 2012, we went to the Santa Monica Pier, FOR THE FIRST TIME. And I got a Black Bomber Bird Angry Birds Knit Hat from one of the dealers on the piers. We never got home until about 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM, it was really late that night. Yes, a lot of changes and events etc has happened so fart this week. First of all, thanks to the Advertisement for the Red Tails movie trailer: Now I’m completely into “Porter Robinson – Unison (Knife Party Remix).” It’s the best dubstep mix out there from the end of 2011/for the beginning 2012. Congratulations Knife Party AKA Pendulum. I’ve listened to all the other songs by Knife Party also: “Internet Friends”, “Zoogly” ft. Skrillex, and “Crush on You (Knife Party Remix).” This is all off of YouTube. And there is quite another handful of YouTube Videos that are so funny/entertaining that I can’t stop watching them. Last night, I also came up with my logo inspired from the “Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011” font. On January 9, 2012, I came home and noticed something odd. This odd thing is going to be my logo also. Back in 2011, during the summer or sometime: We bought “Beware of Dog” signs. The “Beware of the Dog” Signs were both faded. My dad had to trace both signs to the best of his ability. The first dog sign hangs on the front gate. The second dog sign hangs on the back gate. When we pulled up to the driveway, I noticed something incredible about the first dog sign. How the “Beware of Dog” Sign changed. My dad traced over it, and made it have bug eyes and an open mouth with teeth. Which, it looked very much like the other Memes, that are already viral on the Internet. Right away I stared at it, my dad told me to check out the second “Beware of Dog” Sign also. But I just loved the first “Beware of Dog” Sign already. I took the dog sign down while my dad was in the car, activating “On Star.” I went in my room to try to trace it. Then I tried to draw an exact copy of it. All before we went to the Santa Monica Pier. Last night, my dad told me the Scan the “Beware of Dog” Sign because, he needed it back. We did scan it on the Printer/Scanner here by the computer. I had to print out a power point presentation of the “Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011” font graphics and with that Power Point Presentation, I put in the “Beware of Dog” scan. When I printed out, now I could trace that scan (on my special tracing lighted desk) in my room. I was luckily able to trace it with Black Sharpie. I started tracing some stencils out from the “Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011” font/title. I traced the M upside-down to make W for Werewolf Maiden. For “Maiden” I just traced the M not right side up. It took 6 drawings to make the final Black Sharpie logo for the word Werewolf Maiden. On the pencil drawing I had to measure everything. Then I had to trace that with Black Thin Pen. Then I had to do straight edge with Black Colored Pencil. Then I could finally make the entire logo with Black Sharpie. I did “Werewolf” and “Maiden” as separate words, in the first drawings. So that’s why there’s 6 drawing sat first, it’s really 3 drawings for each word. But it was work though. 7:02 AM, be back, I have to get ready for School again.

It’s 9:23 AM, January 17th, 2012. My parents have done some pretty horrific things to me. I don’t love both of my parents. I don’t love my mom and I will never ever forgive my dad. I can’t love them anymore. I just want file for divorce and call it all quits. A lot of things have happened from January 12, 2012 till today January 17, 2012. My mom is on the verge of getting rid of me. She doesn’t want me to occupy her living space anymore. And I was on Twitter tweeting about this abusive, complicated, abrasive situation this morning. I made a Twitter account. I was forced to because; I mutilated myself on Sunday, January 15th, 2012. Ever since I’ve been trying to be furry, it’s to the outback. My mom threatens my integrity by telling me she will put me in a boarding school and a reform school. Yesterday on Martin Luther King’s Day, January 16th, 2012 my mom tried to force me to go to bed. My mom poked me with her finger on my rib cage. I took my headphones off and said what. As I usually always do. She started to cover my mouth because I spoke in the family room. And my dad was sleeping in here. My mom also grabbed my arms and pinched me. My mom has been back to her own ways recently with arm grabbing and pinching. I walked away to go wash my mouth off because she had her hand over my mouth. My mom has covered my mouth about 7 times since December of 2011. I don’t approve of the germs also. I don’t understand my mom’s perspective. And I am concerned about being an artist (on the computer) and school. I concerned about this book also just as much. My mom keeps holding me back against the “Social Services.” I am concerned about the Social services coming to take both my mom’s and dad’s time. My mom is threatening me that she can’t deal with it because; she has dolls to put up on eBay. My dad had to go to several meetings with my mom the last this happened and the “Social Workers” are nosy. I’m scared for my life right now. Last night I couldn’t stop crying and hyperventilating. My mom and dad couldn’t give one damn about it. I need a picture phone and I need to get access to “Wi Fi” (Internet) on a phone so, I can tweet every single moment of it. When I end up forced into my room again, I want to have a CD player and headphones. Or I could have some type of Boom Box. I want to just play those Mötley CrüeCDs and Tweet Every Single Second of it. I haven’t listened to Mötley Crüe since about 2010. At least played a CD. I remember 2010 was the worst year of my entire life. I wrote a note last night and I need to give it to a consular at school. Or the front office, someone who is in a position to back me up needs to read it, and I need to get help now. It’s 10:13 AM. I was eating breakfast and my mom was arguing with me some more. My mom told me that I was disobedient child and she doesn’t need to deal with 3 barking Chihuahuas. My mom is ranting to me about going to the store. She says I need to come with her. My mom is threatening me with the dogs again, when she told my dad that she could do it anyway. I need to have a tape recorder to record all of these moments right now so I don’t ever lose them. I could show them to quite a handful of people soon. I should get to school. And give them the note, my mom wants to see my note. I don’t know if I’m walking home from school and if I’ll have the keys. My mom wants to shop with me at VONS or A1 Foods to get food for my lunch. I want nothing to do with her and its going to interfere with my time. I also got my log artwork meme done yesterday.

It’s 6:53 AM Wednesday, January 18th, 2012. First of all, now I’m done with all my links in my lists. I’m done with my Christmas List, which I was done with my Werewolf Maiden list earlier. I would like to complete this book by the 25th. If I could sit at the computer and write as much as possible, edit, proofread, and print. At school yesterday, I still had to bring the note any ways and hide the note. I had to pretend that I ripped up that note in front of my mom. And I went through hell that morning. According to what I tweeted on my profile: I was told that I was disobedient and that I disrespect both of my parents. “I have to judge a book by its cover and say older parents above 55 are not good parents for a 15-year-old teenager,” Tweeted 9:12 AM - 17 Jan 12 via web. I went to School and I had to hide two parts of the note in my pocket. Good thing I sure scanned a copy of that note, using our scanner printer. I went there and I got counseling right away, instead of going to 4th Period “Study Skills Class.” I was able to see my counselor fortunately, and she read my note. I told her how my parents feel about the “Social Services,” she said that no one is coming to our house. She just made copies of my note and she is giving it to my caseworker and the police officer employed at my high school. I have to keep this behind my mom’s back for as long as possible. Yesterday I got even more packages in the mail, which means my furry outfit Werewolf Maiden is almost complete. I’m am wearing my Faux Fur Tail, Red Faux Fur Leg Warmers, and Faux Fur Rainbow Monster Slippers from Justice: I got that for my Birthday as a gift from my friend. Last night I did something really stupid with my Grey Fingerless Faux Fur Gloves. I mean it’s really stupid. I was arrogant and I didn’t really know better. My Grey Fingerless Faux Fur Gloves are wet and they’re drying by the tub right now. Still drying. I was all the smell off if you know what I mean. 7:11 AM, I have to get ready for another no-homework-done day at school.

It’s 6:49 AM. Yesterday, January 18th, 2011 was American Censorship Day on the Internet. This is a very strife, strife epidemic. I’m included because I use YouTube and Twitter. I was going to start using “Tumblr,” Facebook, Myspace, deviantART, and “Blogger.” This is bad very bad. Nikki Sixx uses Twitter, Facebook and “Tumblr.” Nikki Sixx would only be able to have the means of using his Sixx Sense radio program for Podcasts. I’ll get to that in just a moment. Nikki Sixx in special in this book and yeah. Yesterday “SOPA” consumed very once of time that I’ve ever had on my hands yesterday. I had to get up early at 5:30 AM this morning. I got a nightmare about Marylin Manson, Jack Black, and a former Porn Actress set up a camp. They were in a clan to kidnap people after this “SOPA & PIPA Bill” was in affect to the Internet. They set up Kidnap Fun Camp with a trampoline. It was just a nightmare but I remember all of it so vividly. Did you know that “SOPA & PIPA” is a direct threat to me. I’m using the Internet to make online purchases to be the Furry and the Fashionista I want to be at the same time. I hope January 24th, 2012 comes already and this bill is not passed. With all the efforts to fight “SOPA & PIPA.” I watched over 100 YouTube Videos yesterday on January 18th, 2012 about “SOPA & PIPA.” I found out on January 18th, 2012 at school. In health class we went to the Library to use the computers and get on the Internet. When I finally could access the computer without, my School ID logging me into the computer: I went to and I saw their Front Page. I saw what the Censorship Bar was about Google Blackout. After School when I came home, I went on YouTube and I searched “cs188”. I’ve been a follower of something called “YouTube Poop” for years now. And when I was 13 years old and 12 years old, I also did “YouTube Poop.” My YouTube Account was held “tyger2011gotsuspend.” Why: Because my first YouTube Account “tyger2011” got suspended off of YouTube already when I was even younger. And “cs188” videos are funny. The videos include mainstream sensations like Billy Mays and Vince Offer. And there is way more to “cs188” including “Pooping the Charts” is the video that I think originally linked me to “cs188” on YouTube. “SOPA & PIPA” disagrees/agrues with that I’m going to be uploading a YouTube Video slideshow of my Photography. There will be one Slideshow on YouTube with a Dubstep Song and another with Rock Music. This is bad news for new Artists of coarse. I’ve seen all on YouTube already. I’m thinking about making a YouTube Video about this also. This hits the computer age with the Internet directly. And this targets young teenagers in High School deciding what to be when they grow up. That is if they want to be involved with Business Internet Trafficking, YouTube, Invent a new Social Network, etc. Just like me and my Werewolf Maiden art and photography. This affects all photography and the Internet also. “SOPA & PIPA” also affects all photographers using the Internet and Other Online Tools. January 18th, 2012 interrupted my whole entire work process and my entire day and night. “SOPA & PIPA” research interrupted my Science Directed Reading Homework.

It’s 3:49 PM on January 19th, 2011. I talked to my “Lunch Club Teacher” and she suggested that I write a letter to a local congressman/representative in my area. I’m Werewolf Maiden. I want to purchase clothing off Internet Websites to be a Fashionista and some of it Faux Fur. I have most of the Fur Affinity/Faux Fur Stuff taken care of on my own already. I want to upload a Slideshow of my Photography on YouTube and using Background Music. I want to upload my Photography on Tumblr, deviantART, Blogger, Myspace, and Facebook is pending. I am thinking about uploading on Flickr also. I want to publish all of my books. I need Cooperate Sponsorship in order to obtain “a cash grant” to purchase all of my (Fashion, Attire, Wardrobe) off the Internet as a whole. If “SOPA & PIPA” passes will they find a copyright infringement in my Photography: What I Am Wearing? What I Am I Holding In My Hands? What will happen to all the Internet Fashionistas if “SOPA & PIPA” pass? Fashionistas Occupy: “Tumblr,” Twitter, Mysapce, “Blogger,” Facebook, and “YouTube Fashion Tips.” What will happen to all the Scene Kids on Myspace, YouTube, or Facebook? Most Scene Wigs are sold on There might be Scene Kids on Tumblr even also too. Werewolf Maiden embraces Scene Fashion just a little bit. What will happen to The Furry Conventions are organized and sponsored on the Internet. If “SOPA & PIPA”  pass Crüeheads on deviantART will be in the dark! Okay Bro. Nikki Sixx has to try and interact with his fans, right? I saw over 100 videos on YouTube on January 18th, 2012 about “SOPA & PIPA.” It’s 4:51 PM on January 19th, 2011. My dad just called and responded to the message I left on his Cell Phone. I signed four Save the Internet petitions in my Dad’s Name. I don’t know how I would bring any light to the petitions or not because I’m a minor. My Dad’s Name is okay for now. Probably my mom and I (myself, my name) should sign the petitions also.

So I watched over 100 videos on January 18th, 2012 on YouTube about “STOP SOPA.” I tweeted all the videos that really gave me shocking information, if they expressed their concerns really well, and if they gave new light in the issue in their rants. A video that was uploaded on December 23, 2011 from the UK (I can already tell it’s from the UK) to YouTube. He brought up a really good point that needs your undivided attention. How are you going to be able to use the Internet to “immerse yourself in bands”? This is really disgusting. “If the SOPA bill goes into affect after the Winter Recess: Open source Software Projects may be shut Down, Mozilla being the Main target.” December 23 2011 via YouTube Webcam Video “You  will no longer have the freedom to enjoy. You will no longer be able to research new knowledge. You will no longer be able to immerse yourselves in a new band. Your never going to be able to share, find, or receive information with friends or peers in the same manner we do now in Websites like Tumblr and Facebook. All those links will be affectedly cut and shut down.” December 23 2011 via YouTube Webcam Video

Well shout out to you Bro.  Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California streams Live Video off the Internet. And I was the only one who chatted/commented on their Facebook Live Stream AKA a campaign called “Conversation Series.” According to my Original Print Screens from November 6, 2011, I posted as the user “Identity”: “One day I will make my own debut – You will know who I am one day. Good day.” “I know a lot of things, that some people don’t know. I will write all of that…writer.” “I am actually really young, lying about being older. But you will know me bro.” Sounds like I’ve got my tongue out. Like this is posting would be posting as Anonymous. It sounds like some weird gibberish. I wonder if anyone thinks this is funny? Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California has a web site also. I can imagine “Starting A New Band” (Especially Younger Bands): You need Band Schools, All Forms of Communication, Magazines & Interviews Help, Online Booking, and a Myspace Profile with Streaming Music. To launch yourself as a musician: You need Advertisement Help. Without this, that’s how bands can break up or get screwed over. Today’s world and technology absolutely plays a vital role in Music. Another YouTube Video uploaded November 29, 2011 about “SOPA” and he claims he is a Musician. “You know on the surface it really looks like a brilliant idea. Their really making an effort to reduce how much can be stolen and how much is stolen. I’m actually a musician and I have copyrighted works out. So to me, this is big for me.” November 29, 2011 via YouTube Webcam Video “So I started reading into this. And I started looking into it more, and more, and more and kind of reading deeper into it. And the more I looked at it, the more I was against it.” November 29 2011 via YouTube Webcam Video –Thanks for the support bro. It’s really inspirational. You look like a young adult, who has sort of an Emo look going on. Kind of similar to Andy from Black Veil Brides but I defiantly know your not. So that’s cool. There is a comment on this video: This was video that was uploaded on November 29, 2011: The comment says that he needs to cut his hair. Okay, so who ever you really are dude that’s just fine with me. I also viewed a YouTube Video uploaded December 11, 2011; he’s lonely 14-year-old making this video from his Basement. Although, he actually says that he’s “a lonely 14-year-old living in his basement.” Another YouTube Video uploaded December 10, 2011 appears two adolescent girls are presenting information “SOPA.” The two adolescent girls are presenting the information in a School-Like Presentation Style. According to the video, they mention another YouTube Video by “Vlogbrothers” that discusses the SOPA topic.

It’s January 30, 2012, 9:49 PM FINALLY. I’m blasting “Hey Sexy Lady” Remix by Skrillex. Oh damn, a lot has happened in January 2012. I have not been able to access this vault in a long time. I’m not done with my book illustrations I had just started on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. To start with some information; I have habits of falling asleep. And by now, Mötley Crüe is in Las Vegas. That means I follow Nikki Sixx on Twitter, I keep reading his Twitter. And it’s not that pleasurable when no one tweets back. I have favorites 5 of Nikki Sixx’s tweets. But I just get sicker and sicker. I have tweet Nikki Sixx 10 times and have not gotten one Reponses back. This makes me feel so ill that Nikki Sixx will never EVER tweet to me back. Yeah, you never will and I said so. And this alone just makes me sad. Wait until you read some more bullshit in this book. Today, after reading Nikki Sixx twitter that he is in Las Vegas and I feel asleep. I feel so happy for Mötley Crüein my heart right now. But I can’t be there and I won’t be able to go. And that’s fucking rotten and all know it! I feel so happy that I am near tears (especially after seeing more for this vaule on the Sunset Strip Billboard). But all I can do right now is sleep and dream. It’s 10:10 PM and I am not listening to/playing Skrillex right now anymore. I dosed off on the couch and then my mom came in the family room. I was half asleep and I keep saying “fuck” over and over again. I keept pointing my middle finger because, I never felt so disrupted from sleeping in this mannor before. My Mom came into the family room because she wanted to watch a movie. Instead of doing Homework like, I always should have been forever and forever all these hours. Then I went into my room and I tried to take a nap but, I just couldn’t touch myself because, I was dreaming so intensily, fulfillily, and heavily. My dream was about a miracle, a rainbow, and sex, sex, sex, and more sex. Sex is all I ever dream about pretty much. Sex that’s not in a movie; something that more real!!! I finally got myself back out of bed at 7:00 PM tonight. Then I called my dad up on the phone to tell him about my sleeping mistakes, being out of printer ink, getting another scrapbook album, my solo dance test, and my feelings about Study Skills Class at school. On Friday, January 27th, 2012 I finally uploaded all my Werewolf Maiden logos on Twitter, deviantART, Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, YouTube, And “Blogger“ (Profile Picture). And I created four new logos for Werewolf Miaden based on Hats and Earrings from “Aldo Shoes.” I have 34 Werewolf Maiden logos files that I uploaded on the Internet. I have issues with being late to School and I have been all this January. I was one minute late this morning and the assistant principal was doing the sign-ins and she looked directly at me. Then I walked out and the dean saw me. That always makes my morning (or entire day at school) 50 percent harder to deal with. This weekend on Saturday, January 28, 2012 I went to Hollywood during the daytime instead of at night with my mom included. I was supposed to go to Amobea Music to buy the whole Cobra Starship album. But I have not listened to Cobra Starship songs yet at all. All I needed was “You Make Me Feel..” by Cobra Starship ft. Sabi. I had orginally picked the song for something else. The theme song for Nikki Sixx and [this sister]: They make each other feel the…Na Na Na La La La La La. And all the ohs and the ohs, yeahs, and the screws. I just found out that we had to perform that song today in front of the class: its actaully a test. AND I KNOW A LOT ABOUT MY DANCE TEACHER. Oh yes, I do Nikki Sixx! So I had to talk to Carol when I was there, then I had to talk to Ashely (she’s the Teacher Assistant), then Ashely and I had to talk to my dance teacher togeither because I was so scared of what her freakin’ reaction would be to the situation. Nikki Sixx: My dance teacher has Sixx:Am on her I-Pod and no Mötley Crüe. That means one thing, or another. My dance has EVERYTHING expept Mötley Crüeas far as I know. My dance teacher started teaching about 15 years ago. So you decide! –We discussed it and they said I would have to do improv. And they called me today, and I did improv. EVERYONE SCREAMED! I was scattering all around the classroom with my grey faux fur gloves and my gold sunglasses. I was kicking my legs up in the air, shaking my back a little bit, moving my feet, posing my arms, and everything extra. And they loved me. I was “Straight Forward” when I told them that I was doing improv. There’s a art paper/poster assignment that goes with this: And No, No I didn’t have any characteristics or no art. Sorry. I had to keep saying No. To me, that felt kind of like this: “Cut! Cut the scene! Stop recording!” But then I was ever so careful afterwards to put it all together. Amen said I was good, that I did a good job! Irene starting singing, then I told her she was a good singer. We were all talking about it. She was joking around with “How she was going to Audition on American Idol..” Then I sat there and clapped to everyone eleses’ solos. Amen was going to be nice to me: “Don’t tell anybody but, I was going to improvise for you and come up with some of the choreography at home.” I thought I would have to stay up past 1:00 AM coming up with a dance and choreography! I told my friends: “Originally, I picked this song for something else!” I was supposed to post 2 blogs before Saturday, January 28, 2012 and they all have been postponed. It’s been forever. As of Saturday, January 28, 2012 I had 4 more blogs developed to post on “Blogger.” Two plus Four equals Six Blogs as of Saturday, January 28, 2012. It’s January 30, 2012 and I have NINE Blogs to post on “Blogger” now. On Friday, January 27, 2012 something very grusome happened in my Math Class. ANOTHER TEACHER HI-JACKED OUR CLASSROOM. And I’m telling you that Nikki Sixx –if he were there, he would stick up for us, and kick this guy’s fucking ass. And Nikki Sixx would stand up from me and protect from this fuck ass pig man!! I sent an email to my parents during “Study Skills Class” and my dad was the only one who got the email on January 27, 2012: “I’m having a hard time sending this email in study skills Period 4 because the assistant (she’s an old lady) is giving me sorta a hard/bad time. I have to take 2 tests for Health Class in here because [Counselors for My High School] wanted to see me during Period 3. This morning in Math Class, [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] (another teacher) went into [Math Teacher] class and started shouting at all of us. And I was the only one who responded to his shouting. I wrote about this; this morning in English Class Period 2. “All I can think about this morning is Sixx Sense (I was talking to my dad about that, this morning). I wish that Nikki Sixx would have been there for me. [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] is the guy who deserves to “get macked in the mouth.” If Nikki Sixx was there with me, he would have told [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] to get the fuck out. Nikki would have thrusted through that door and would have said, “Fuck You” to that guy at the top of this lungs. [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] would have gotten punched for this. I don’t care what goofy shit this was. Nikki would have kicked this guy in the balls! [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] would have made Kerri Kasem cry!” “Now I have 2 blogs to write about. Plus 2 more things to write about in my book.” . [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] hijacked our classroom and said, “What you learning...” I’ve gotta stop this e-mail now. The assiant is going to give me a hard time. I’ve got another Health Test to do. (To Be Continued.....)” –I wrote about this Incident in my Warm-Up for English Class also: “[Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] just went into our classroom and started shouting. [Name of Math Teacher] said, “Because it’s Friday, he’s in a good mood.” Ever since I first met that guy, I’ve disliked him. The voice in my head is speaking to him. I’m going to send an email in Period 4 and erite about this. I’m thinking about that radio show Sixx Sense. I know that Nikki would have went and thrusted through the door and stood up for me and the whole classroom. I can’t even say the rest of my thoughts. At that time, I just wish that Nikki would have been there for me. Kerri would have been crying because of that guy! I was the only one in the class who even responded to his shouting. Now I two new blogs. And something even newer to write about in my book. I’m really ticked off right now.” –I wrote that in my Warm-Up for English Class so, my English Teacher can read it. So I have to be careful about what the hell I’m writing and the language. Another teacher Hi-Jacked our classroom by opening the door, my Math teacher saying: “Oh, this is [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] everybody.” He just started screaming, ranting, raving, and shouting. I looked at him with some amusment at first like it was funny, or something, (funny like it should be in a freakin’ teacher High School sitaution). This is what he said: “HOW ARE YOU DOING!”, “I SAID HOW ARE YOU DOING!” I did’nt say anything, or I might have repilied with good/fine; I don’t remember really. “WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY!”/”TODAY IS FRIDAY!” [This guy reminds me of someone who is shooting up Herion, or doing Smack after, listening to “Friday” by Rebbecca Black on their YouTube Window!] –By then, I felt by CAUTION reacters doing off on alert. I was beinginng to wish I could just kick this guy in the balls. Nikki Sixx: What would you have done for me! Lift me out of my chair, push that guy out of the way, and just carry me outside. Then we can run and say “Fuck You!” This guy is like a 500 LB mad, fat papparzzi; let’s get him! –”YOU’RE LEARNING WHAT?” “WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING?” I actaully responded to his question by simipliy saying: “Math.” And I was the only student in the whole one who did so. “I’M ONLY GOANNA GET LOUDER!” “THEY CAN HEAR ME ACROSS THE HALL!” –Nikki Sixx could take out his Camera: Maybe that would make this fucker go away. Then my math teacher started to speak, “Who wants to do the next math problem, do you want [Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] to do the next math problem?” “[Name of the Teacher who Hi-Jacked the Classroom] do the next math problem for us on the board.” The guy responded with; “I’m out of here!” Holy Shit, after just wanting to just please get your video phones out to record this on video. This teacher is obbess by the way; he looks about 400 or 500 pounds and he is about six feet tall. This guy/teacher has a beard and my math teacher brings that subject up in class constantly. I told my math teacher “If this dude was on drugs.” “I think his eyes are red.” “He’s drunk.” This guy pretty much lives in his classroom, it’s his house away from home. I’ve been inside of his classroom a few times initially from my Science Class to take a few tests. I did not approve of some of the shit he brought up in his conversations with other children in his classroom ethier. The first day, I called him a total Jackass. I got pulled in the with some counselors from the district: I haven’t chatted with them since October of 2011 so I was surprised. They told me they know him: “He’s a holly jolly real big football guy.” I think everyone likes football. And we all know that Nikki Sixx loves football too. I did’nt bring up Nikki Sixx not once when I chatted with those girls, not once. But I did bring Sixx Sense into the bowel: “If you know what it is; I’m going to die.” These counselor girls didn’t even know what Sixx Sense is. They probably don’t listen to “98.7 FM” or reason like that. On Saturday, January 28, 2012 I had a hard time getting ready at about 9:00 AM to go to an Antique Doll Show being held in Gendale, California. Once we drove over there, after eating at Mc Donald’s in Glendale, when my dad and I finally got inside to wait for my mom: I saw something that I’ll never forget. Of coarse, there was a bunch of strange people at this place which, made me feel uncomfortable. But these two really old women were so crippled. I tried not to look as the family support persons where pulling in two long gurneys through the doors. These two women had so many tubes attached to their skin and there skin is more wrinkled than anything else. There arms were dangling towards the clinging up above us. This is almost anything ever more intense and altering sight than anything that Nikki Sixx has ever captured in his photography. And I mean on this Tumblr Account also. The sight was so blinding almost. I wish you were there with my dad and I. “Maybe you could have captured the sight after they were clearing.” “Maybe you could have captured it.” “But only if you were there.” After the doll show, we exited the freeway to go into Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles. We excited into Sliver Lake of Los Angeles, West of Hollywood unfortunately. I know the neighborhood is pretty skuzzy. I remember I saw a man sitting on a bench who had really skinny arms and legs. This man had a really fat stomach and “man boobs” with really skinny arms and legs. That proably could have made an interesting photograph. This man looked almost deformed with the placement of fat vs. skinny. All we did is drive through Sliver Lake. We were going to this pizza place on Hollywood Blvd called “Stefano’s” AKA “Two Guys from Italy.” My mom, dad, and I, went inside that place, after walking through busy Hollywood Blvd, and something dangerous encountered us. We sat down to eat our pizza and this street guy came around from the corner and he was making Chihuahua noises. I didn’t know at the time but he was selling bracelets. When I thought he had a weapon on him. He approached us and he were waiting for our pizza and I was trying to stay still. Because I was so scared. Really scared. Then we dove the Sunset Strip and I saw “Mötley Crüe takes on Sin City” (AKA Las Vegas) poster again. Which my mom pointed it out to me this time on the Susnet Strip. Now that was moving Nikki Sixx. I’ve got a thing about the Sunset Strip, I want my Werewolf Maiden logs out there on the Billboards. On Tuesday, January 31, 2012 I was so depressed because I fell in love with Sixx Sense. I realized that guys just rock, and that I really want to be a part of it. And that I really miss every single moment of it. I wrote this in Period 4 on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012: “Period 4. I have no clue what time it is. If I’m waiting or I’m somewhere I don’t want to be. Without a cell phone yet. I start writing. I didn’t really want to go to Period 1 Math. I was about ready to cry this morning. When I was getting dressed this morning, I was loud and obnoxious. I’m in love: With not just Nikki. I’m in love with Sixx Sense. I’m in a trashcan soaking and suffering. Because I know I want every single fucking moment of it. I have no self-confidence and I do not care about anything else. I need to upload everything online today, my logos, and follow everyone on Twitter. I am so sad. I want yo go the fuck home. I am hurt inside. I hope the outside of me looks like a celebrity. I hope the outside of me looks to itself online and in the limelight. Twitter and the Iphone/Ipad are goanna eat me up. Everyday Nikki tweets Courtney”’s ability to eat him up. Nikki has mentioned her at least ten times on Sixx Sense already. I am a stupid, hopeless, freak. I have something to say to Kerri kasem also. A lot to say. Just look at me already. I want to be a part of the Crew. I want to take over the web site to make it so fucking fresh. Smells like the mall and the Internet dress sense. I wish I could try to Re-Upload the logo. We click restart. I am still frightened and sad. I want to go home right now. Sixx Sense gives me a weird lust overdose. I feel like my hormones are raging. I hate critics. Shut the fuck up and give my a fucking chance. Your goanna bark like wild oak tree. An oak tree which, has been preserved in the same location for eternity. –Randall was on Sixx Sense, I just found out by clicking “Most Watched”, %100 agreed Nikki. I’m the honey badger, not that girl, or, whatever makes us say that I’m dumb. –Nikki (just you all) groupe me. I want it. What the hell? (Just you all) can touch me. I’m left out. I am fucking isolated. I have an obsession with my faux fur gloves. I’m so screamy and abnoxious. I’m loud. But I’m so shy. I love faux fur. No purses, shoes, gloves, tails, leg warmers, and other nice things. Imagine a world without faux fur. Sixx Sense furry logo. Seriously, that shit happens. I’m hooked on Gold Round Sunglasses. I love those sunglasses. I love cool-looking nails too. Gad Dammit meet me, and just destroy the cage also. What do I do? Just phone or texting. That sucks. What do I wear? Everything that I bought. I want a damn Sixx Sense purse/bag/tote.” The curse words were censored when I wrote this at school. I really some point in this rant about hormones and lust I was trying to write about sex. But I can’t write about that freely at school. Sixx Sense gives me sexaul vibes and I think it’s true. Nikki Sixx has opened up to his cushioned booty, his balls, and his dick. I mean what the hell, right? LOL?  Mötley Crüehas done an Advertisement for “KIA Motors” which will be airing this Sunday at the Superbowl 2012 Tevelsion Time. I had to read the YouTube Video Description of “Adriana Lima “Big Game” Kia Optima Teaser” uploaded on January 25th, 2012. Then I finally got it. I had to read all the press for KIA Motors. Mötley Crüe performs in the Advertisement with flames (Computer-Simulated/Animated/Effects) in front of Screens (the set of the advertisement). Where does the professional fighter go any ways in this advertisement? Victoria’s Secret just turned into a 90-foot, white and purple striped, female monster with sharp teeth, a 6-foot mouth, with a sculpted body. I hope I’m a fucking big deal just like that. Nikki Sixx can you let me know about the next Mötley Crüe television or media debut? I mean, it’s really cool. But I hope this blows way soon so you can talk about me. The advertisement has “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes. “You know you call him that Lollipop, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop!” The Chordettes Trololo Everyone! “Mr. Trololo” by Eduard Khil: What the freakin’ Advertisement is that! LOL Again. It’s 1:40 AM Tuesday, January 31, 2012 NOW! At the “Roxy Theatre” there was a Launch party for Sixx Sesne. And I watched the video on Sunday January 28th, 2012 and I got depressed because I could have went. I got confused at one part though: When he says that he’s not supposed to pick his eleven-year-old up from school. And the crosswalk person asks if he’s Chris Angel. The only conclusion I came up with is that he might have carried his 11-year-old girl in his arms the whole way to the car! Wouldn’t Chris Angel do some illusion or magic like that? What the hell is this? Oh wow. hat if it was me here. Carry me in your arms; oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! (Awesome Face) Yeah, carry me the whole way to Sixx Sense Studio! HA-HA-HA! It’s 1:56 AM now!

So, I haven’t wrote in this book for over a month! I’m forced to write in here now, because, instead of being the worst time of my life, unlike all my other experiences in life, this is the saddest time of my life so far. It’s 5:21 AM and it’s February 17, 2012 now. Of coarse, a lot of things have happened. Especially to happening to me. Now I’m going to finishing this entire fucking book. I know how to tell this little story from beginning to end. It’s the saddest time of my life, because I learned that really, Nikki Sixx can be so Crüel with his ways sexually. Cooking to him means that you have to fuck him also. But that’s not all, its only half the story. I’m a dead girl, I’m not really alive. It’s a new theme I’ve incorporated. My voice, my actions are dead but, Werewolf Maiden is alive. Well, not really. I’m not supposed to be here, I’m not supposed to even exist. I don’t exist at all. If Nikki Sixx cooks for [this sister] everyday that means since this fall, this summer: It’s a 500 to 892 ratio how many times Nikki Sixx has fucked [this sister]. Nikki Sixx provides [this sister] with a bottle of whine, and that puts her out. So Nikki Sixx can insert his dick inside her. And I just learned this very dark, plastic, sex, dirty-ass, motherfucking, shit-ass secret. Why did’nt you say nothing earlier? Don’t you know you lie about having buckwild sex everyday of your life when you talk to other people? Technically, it’s [sex], so Nikki Sixx has [sex] [with this sister], and she likes it. [This sister] is okay with it. Of coarse she’s okay with it. Let’s see the statistics. [This sister]: Sex Drive, Clothing from H&M, Modeling for Photographs, Living at Home with Mom and Daddy, Has Hardly said a Word on Camera or in General, Tries to Idolize Glam Rock Gods (David Bowie), Sharon Tate was the most Beautiful Women who ever Lived, Shoes, Bag Lady, okay. Anna Nicole Smith to Marylin Monroe. Courtney Bingham to Sharon Tate? Um, yes-no. But, now I can see how Courtney Bingham copies Sharon Tate. And Lana Del Rey to Nacy Sinatra! But we all can see something a little bit cooky cooking inside [this sister]. Making the exact same facial expressions and characteristics as Sharon Tate would bring up a passion for the Camera, right? Well, then it’s photography, right? I have not ever seen [this sister] wear a hippie headband. Is [this sister] a crazy hippe, a little out of line, crazy in general? Hmm..let’s take a good look again. The plastic fantastic lover, we’ll just have to learn again. Go ask Nikki Sixx right now if he likes Sharon Tate, go on. We’ll see what Nikki has to say. You think that [this sister] has ever attended an action for Sharon Tate. “Sharon Tate’s Engagement Ring..” Well, how did this all happen in the first place? On, when you search for Images of Sharon Tate, sometimes you see evidental pictures that could date back to 1969, that Charles Manson murdered her, that makes it very hard to breathe; doesn’t it. Because that’s really sad. [This sister] produced “The Underground Comedy Movie 2010” with Vince Offer (The Sham Wow Guy) and Lindsay Lohan was in “The Underground Comedy Movie 2010”. So she possibly has (or really has) worked with Lindsay Lohan. “Lindsay Lohan’s comeback role may be as Sharon Tate in the upcoming…” content from Lindsay Lohan has been handed down a role for “Eyes of a Dreamer: The Charles Manson Story” this web site says, originally from TMZ. “Lindsay to play Sharon Tate??” from, even Perez Hilton knows about Lindsay’s comeback as Sharon Tate. This is very interesting. Hey Nikki, this isn’t funny. Does anyone know, what do you think she’s looking for? Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, is there any other artist that [this sister] likes? “Oh yeah, sure, I can have a whole entire list of them!” “Hennes & Mauritz AB” abbreviated as “H&M;” Erling Perrson in Västerås, Sweden founded the company in 1947. The company in 1947 called “Hennes” which is Swedish for Hers and sold women’s clothing only. And this is all according to In 1968 “Mauritz AB” established a Hutning-Equipment store inventory (which included men’s clothing) in Stockholm, and Perrson expanded to men’s wear. Then Perrson’s son took over in the year 1990. Now most of the clothing is made in Asia. So, there’s the establishment of H&M for you. Now, don’t try to hard to be passionate about your clothing from Asia.

Now, I really have to go this way don’t I. Another look at [this sister]. [This sister] has an excessive sex drive, right? Now I am asking this question. Seriously, because, I know what happened to Nikki Sixx, now, I do know what happened pretty well. Does [this sister] have hypersexaulity? Because, when I heard the song “Nympho” by Borgore. I think I darn well learned something at all. Would this mean, and is [this sister] is a nympho. Would this mean [this sister] is being a nymphomaniac? Look, I know no one likes stereotypes. Nikki Sixx, is this [sister] hypersexual do you possibly believe for crying out loud? And now you’re buying her a bottle of whine just because, it’s easy to put her out. It keeps getting better? What keeps getting better: Sex, Sex, Sex, Hot Sauce, Fries, Ketchup, Eggs, and Bacon? Flowers, Cards, Love Notes about What: Love? Flowers, Cards, Love Notes, Certificates, Balloons, Cakes, Pumpkin Pie, Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Panties, Bras, Hairspray, Cologne, Perfume, Lingerie, and you’re free to add to the list. He truth is, I’d rather deal with the 1990’s like if Nikki once snorted cocaine off a women’s butt. He would need to go to rehab. Nikki Sixx drinking, well, I hope good times are to be remembered. Hey, it never used to like this okay. To me, this is worse, over riding everything that was ever considered “bad”. This is a crisis, Nikki Sixx is terrible, at least, sexually, and now we all know! Now I want those years back, like 2007, 2008, or 2009. I want 2007 back. Wow, like really this would happen: well, duh! But I remember Brides of Destruction, remember Nikki Sixx with Donna D’ Errico. Not any of this shit would have happened! [This sister] has succeeded at making Nikki Sixx more terrible then he ever could have been, ever. Remember that. Well, since I know now that Nikki Sixx is having sex everyday, and he buys [this sister] whine on purpose to have sex with her. I AM NEVER GOING TO HAVE SEX AT NIKKI SIXX’S HOUSE WHEN HE MEETS ME. That’s right. When it really happens, somewhere outside: like the beach. NOT AT HIS HOUSE EVER! AND I AM NEVER COMING TO NIKKI’S HOUSE ETHIER. I AM NOT COMING INSIDE NIKKI’S HOUSE. At least that’s what I say for now, because, then again that is his house. THIS IS A SCANDAL AND I AM COMPELETLY OUTRAGED. I am also utterly disappointed. I am dead I just died. Before I even heard about this, was the last few moments I got to live, I am taking this very hard. AT LEAST WHEN WE HAVE SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME I AM NOT COMING TO THA SIXX MANOR, “YOU CAN RUN TELL THAT, YOU CAN RUN TELL THAT, HOMEBOY, HOME, HOME, HOME-BOY!” Seems like when you finally confess, it seems like you have nothing for me. “SO DUMB, SO DUMB!” “We gon find you,” “Sixx Dawg,” okay, I’m sorry but THIS IS WRONG! “You are so dumb, you are really dumb, for real!” Nikki Sixx confesses a special VE-DE Day 2012! “Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day!” You feeling that, do you feel that love?
I am seeking editing suggestions, critique, feedback, and reviews. See the whole entire book at my web site thebackgroundofanne.yolasite.c… (This is just 10 pages of the book.) Send me emails at
This book is ©annehill 2015.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014:

Yesterday (on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014) I saw Mötley Crüe walk into their "Press Conference" at the "Roosevelt Hotel" and I saw them play on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” But I don’t want to write about that right now, I’ll write about that later. Right now I want to take some time to write about how kinky I am and how open-minded I can be when it comes to sex (with Nikki Sixx, of coarse duh). I have been fantasizing lately about having sex in a chair. Nikki is in a wooden chair with his legs spread wide open. I’m sitting on his lap with my legs wide open also. He is having sex with me and I’m tied to him on the chair with rope. That is my current sex fantasy and it’s getting good. I apologize to you if you have reading this book and not liking what you here. This book is very open and honest and there are a lot of sexual references here. 4) Do you moan? Oh yeah, I would moan having sex with Nikki. I would just love to scream the fucking roof off to be honest with you! And if you don’t like it I can shut up. 4) What is a secret fantasy that you have that you hardly talk about? Yeah, I heard Nikki Sixx likes pissing. I wish I could be near him when he whips it out because, I want to see it BAD. And I’ve already seen his puppet on the Internet so many times!

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m more bummed out about right now. Nikki Sixx’s wedding in March of this year or Mötley Crüe breaking up. If I think about both things, they will fucking bum me out. I told you, I’m IN LOVE with Nikki Sixx and since he is now a “married man;” have been ELIMINATED. I need a more powerful vibrator. I am sick and tired of my weekday morning routine of getting up really early to (you know). As far as pursuing my “sexual toy list” goes, it’s last priority because money is VERY tight. I need to worry about getting tickets for the final tour too. You know I was just thinking this is something that I have that Courtney doesn’t have; I like heavy metal. I don’t know if she likes heavy metal? I don’t think she does. If she does, then great.

I feel that I need to share this, another thing that really gets me personally about Nikki is that he wrote pretty much all those fantastic songs for his band, Mötley Crüe. The fact that he wrote “Kickstart my Heart” and that it was about him, and that it is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. I think that’s something really beautiful about him that he has written songs like that. And he wrote “Home Sweet Home”, that really makes me have feelings for him. I just think overall that he’s a really great person. He amazes me so.

So I heard Nikki Sixx is possibly having his honey moon right after his marriage, I’m on the other end here thinking “Damn, I deserve that, not her!” Yeah I get really twisted sometimes! I heard the little spats they get in, I heard she tells him what to do. Baby, come get it while it’s hot because, I would NOT be like that towards you. I would give you the funniest sex life you’ll EVER have! I love Nikki Sixx, and I can say this knowing that I’ve felt this way ever since I first say you. This has been my life’s philosophy, because I began my life with falling in love with you. By seeing your picture, by listening to your music, reading about you, and so on and so on. My life’s dream is to have you tell me, “I love you” back and of coarse to have sex (or make love, as we all know it).

Is having too much in common a bad thing? Damn, I hope not because we do have a lot in common. I know you want that DIVERSITY in your life. I get that. Part of my attraction to you is the fact that I’m short and your tall, and you’re Italian. These are all true factors, that make my attraction to you work. But don’t get me wrong, I also am attracted to your personality very much. Did you know this? I’ll wait 5 more years to have you. I’ll wait 10 years; dammit all I LOVE you baby! As I mentioned, the fact that I am short and that your tall is part of my attraction. What is ironic is that actually I want to be taller. I admit, I also love Nikki Sixx’s hair AND HIS GOATEE. I think the 80’s hair is what was the initial spark. This is a fact, I first saw Nikki Sixx in his “Shout At The Devil” outfit. I like Nikki Sixx’s hair anyway he puts it, I know in the late 90’s he cut it shorter, I know all the different things he has done with his hair. In every way, he always looks fucking handsome. You know I’m unique for a kid, and I’m fucking special in my musical tastes. I’m like a rock ‘n’ roll guy, but I’m crazy over Nikki Sixx. And I am a girl and not a guy. I am a cross between a rock ‘n’ roll kind of man and a woman in love. Isn’t that right?

I’ll be honest with you; my attraction to Nikki Sixx feels more like “animal magnetism” than anything else. My attraction to him is very lustful. There are both physical and mental components to my attraction, making it a very healthy attraction. The only problem I have here is that I CAN’T FUCKING HAVE HIM! I’ve told you before; I love his fucking voice! There is something about his voice; my mind tends to associate with sex, sex, sex. I don’t know why, it’s something my brain does, I guess. Not all the time though, only when he talking about upbeat things. I’m a wild “Crüehead”? I’m more than that baby! I’m going to be the next rockstar and I suck at playing guitar. Well anyhow, I like to be honest, and I don’t mean any harm by this at all. I mean just the opposite, I mean love! Yes, you can call me the female side of Nikki Sixx and I’ll be all right with that. Guess what pal, I KNOW IT. I feel as if my body is pulling me in towards him, but my conscience is resisting because, I know he is in a relationship, he is engaged, and he will be married soon, and so on and on and on and on. And I am aware of my age. YOU KNOW WHAT I DO NOT WANT TO BE JUDGED BY MY AGE. Sorry, I really hate that when people do that kind of shit. I’d rather be judged for my intelligence. It’s like I know it’s wrong to be in love with him. That’s exactly what’s going on. Isn’t it? And you know what? I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM! Seriously, I hope it’s not wrong.

If I had the choice to get any magical powers, I would chose to be able to make myself fly or make myself invisible. You know if I could fly, I would stalk Nikki (and be getting away with it)! Thank god I can’t fly! And If I could make myself invisible, you know I would walk into the men’s bathroom to see Nikki’s thing. Thank god I can’t do that either! Another reason why I would like to fly, is that it would be convenient for certain situations and I could just fly above Nikki’s head if I wanted too. I think that would be so much fun! But you know what I do have? The power of writing, the power of the written word baby! I need another hug from Nikki, I swear, a good fucking hug. I nice squeeze. The first hug, as I stated, was partially sexual. Ha! You know a hug is a hug, and it means all the same thing unless you’re faking it. I love hugs, if I am receiving them from Nikki that is. Mmmm… Yeah, I’ll get another hug, and I’ll get addicted to “Sixx hugs.” And then I’ll crave another hug from him? What the fuck? Another thing is that I realize, I don’t know if this is true, I may be starting to become somewhat of a sex addict. And I have not even had sex yet, at least with a human being, I have not. Actually, you know what I like it. I like being myself and if this what makes me happy; I’m grateful. I’m okay as long as I don’t get dependent on it. Yes, I know I’m a “Nikki Sixx addict.” I knew that A LONG TIME AGO. All I ever think about most of the time is fucking Nikki Sixx really hard. And of coarse I am a nice loving human being too, but you have to realize when we’re honest, you hear that the truth is UGLY. And I do think about Nikki Sixx banging me most of the time. I think about going down on him also most of the time. In regards to penetration and oral sex goes, what’s the big deal? Yes I understand it’s your “private parts” going into my “private parts.” In regards to “STDs,” I guess you just get tested, is that all? Okay, sex may be ALL I think about most of all. I am still a romantic person, I can be really giving, I could write poetry about Nikki, give him the world, save him from disaster, I love Nikki Sixx with all my heart. I hope you fucking realize that. Here’s something else you also may not know about me; I’m actually really sensitive (of coarse baby, I’m a girl). By the way, sometimes, when I do fantasize about sex, I will think about it as affection. If I were to really have sex with Nikki, it would be like affectionate and stuff like that. I mean the sex is usually like a form of love. Love is the opposite of violence; yeah hopefully it is.

Now I’ll start telling my story about my adventure yesterday. When I came home yesterday, I posted this on Twitlonger; “I started off my adventure by waiting for Mötley Crüe to arrive to their press conference this morning. They arrived after a funeral procession band walked down Hollywood Blvd eventually reaching to where we were at. I ate at El Pollo Loco. I went to Rite Aid to but batteries and earplugs (which we would not even use). Then I went to Amobea Music. Then we went to the JKL Live set, saw the line. Then I went to the Pizza Place, Stefano’s. Then my Dad and I went back to see them warm-up. I sat on the ground in my high heels. Got back up again and we walked across the street. I was wearing platform high heels to increase my height, wearing zoomies to see up close; I was standing behind a peakhole with a short man in front of me. Nikki Sixx really put out on that stage. This was so worth it. All the fucking pain the high heels caused my feet and everything. I was moaning “ouch” repeatedly by the time it was over with. All worth it to get a great view of Nikki Sixx playing his bass. My Dad has halfway decent pictures and a video of what we saw. Thank you Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars for such a fantastic show tonight at JLK Live.” I hope this basically tells you about my adventure. There was nothing like seeing Nikki Sixx shaking his body on that stage. The high heels were that painfully Nikki; I almost ate my own feet! My feet nearly killed me yesterday! You know it was all worth it for me to see you play on that stage. There’s nothing like true love; me walking down the streets in high heels, having to hold onto my Dad’s shoulder for balance, and standing there in pain to view you play. Now I think that’s true love. And today my feet are still not the same. In case nobody read this, I have a special message for Mötley Crüe that I posted on Twitlonger, “Thank you Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars for such a fantastic show tonight at JLK Live. I wish you guys all the best in your retirement and on your farewell tour.” You know I only wish the best for you guys, you’re my heroes. And another thing is that I grew up listening to your music, when I was younger, you guys must have been the very first rock band I ever heard. I hope Nikki Sixx will read this one-day. I hope he reads just enough, he doesn’t have to read this whole book. I hope Nikki’s friends will tell him about it or something of that nature. Man he better read this, I swear. I love him. I also tweeted this last night; “I was sexually excited by Nikki Sixx earlier today and tonight at the concert.” And this, “One day I have a chance with him cause I love him and he feels that way sort of back, he loves his fans.” And this, “Oh yeah and I’ll never forget when he hugged me. It’s just been about 6 months since we last talked.” And this, “I hope we will like me back when I release my book.” And this, “I admire him, I adore him, I emulate him, I don’t why why either.” And this, “School tomorrow, oh well. I want to see Mötley Crüe ASAP on the Farewell Tour again. I love you Nikki Sixx.” I thought that would be an interesting thing for you to read. I’m not that bad, trust me, I think you already know. I am @annehill310 on Twitter. I also ended up telling two people at school about last night today. I told my former math teacher, Mr. Chuckie and my “study skills teacher,” Mr. Ronald. When I told Mr. Chuckie Mötley Crüe was “retiring and doing their last tour,” he turned around and rubbed his hand in a closed fist by his eye. He was facetiously pretending to cry. I think that bummed him out, he was pretty shocked. I also told him to look it up on “Google.” Mr. Ronald already knew about Mötley Crüe breaking up because, of all the press they have been getting. Don’t forget I listen to all the “Sixx Sense!” I think I’m done writing for today. Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you, I really like Nikki’s different laughs. He drvies me crazy on that Sixx Sense radio show.

No, I am not done writing yet. I just wanted to say, Nikki if you may be shy about having sex with me because, you think you’re too old or you might not satisfy me. Don’t worry about it. I don’t think your like that though. But even if you don’t think you can do me well, you might be surprised. I don’t care if you think your puppet’s size. I’m telling you brother; you’re just fine. I’m writing this just in case.
I had to write an essay for my English final. I have a writing mantra when it comes to “creative stories” on how to write them. You write ugly (inappropriately) and then you make it nice (you make it appropriate) for school. So below I will be displaying 2 versions of this essay. The original “uncensored version” and then the revised “censored version.” When I turned in this essay to my “English teacher,” I turned it in substituting Nikki Sixx’s name for “Frank” (his original name) and I also substituted Mötley Crüe for “Saints of Los Angeles”. I also had to do other minor changes. My Dad told me to cover my tracks so she would never be able to figure out specifically who I was talking. And I aced the thing man. I full credit, 25 points. I turned in the “censored version” to my teacher, with the substituted changes. Instead of “Meeting A Rockstar”, I changed the title to “Meeting Frank.” I won’t be including this version of the essay, I don’t think it will be necessary. The stories are ENTIRELY fictional. And the drug and alcohol references were just included in my “uncensored story” to get the creative juices flowing. I don’t do drugs or alcohol.



“What is a sex fantasy? “A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy, is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person’s sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal.” – Wikipedia. A sex fantasy is basically a “sexual pipe dream” that you have when you think of someone special. And you think of having sex with that person because you love them, and since we’re all animals, we all want to fuck.

It’s November 2014 and I am excited to take a break from school! The first three months of school have completely drained me. I jump into my red Ferrari Testarossa and I speed across the freeway straight to Hollywood. I’m headed to the Sunset Strip, which is Hollywood’s classic rock ‘n’ scene. Hollywood is a vivid city with neon lights, buildings, and clubs. I get off the freeway on the Sunset Strip exit, blasting Mötley Crüe music in my car. I drive through Beverly Hills, eventually reaching the Sunset Strip. I’m here to see Aerosmith play at the House of Blues.

I enter the show to see Aerosmith and I am suddenly surprised when I see my rockstar idol standing next to me, Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe. I talk to him during the whole entire show as we enjoy the music. After the show, he takes me to the “Cravings” restaurant for dinner. Nikki Sixx orders a beer and gets a little bit drunk so, I have to drive him to his house in Calabasas in my red Ferrari. As I drive, Nikki smiles at me telling me how much fun he’s had tonight at the concert and at the dinner.

I blast some good “Ozzy’s Boneyard” (Sirius XM Station) on the way to his house in Calabasas. When we park in his garage, he tells me that he’s too drunk to get out of the car. I replied telling him, “But you won’t be staying here alone baby.” There’s no more talking to do, it’s time for me to go in for the gold. I immediately start unbuttoning his pants as he gives me this devious smile. Then to his surprise I start performing oral sex on him. He tells me that he’s having a really great night tonight and he wishes that everyday for the rest of his life can be like this one.

The next day Nikki Sixx has a party and he gets out this stripper pole from his collection. What do you thinks gonna happen now? We’re both gonna get on that stripper pole buck-naked! After about 60 minutes of that “stripping dancing shit,” I take both of Nikki’s legs and put them over my shoulders and I suck his dick like a vacuum cleaner. After he cums, I swallow his semen also. Nikki is a sexy man, he fucked me good and I am so happy he finally broke my virginity.

The next day My Mom is doing an “antique doll show” again in Pasadena. My Dad and I are helping her set up for the doll show. When I come into the doll show to help her set up, I grab a donut from the box that is lying out near the coffee on the table. After 15 minutes passes, my Dad and I leave and start driving to this record store called, “Poo-Bahs.” When you walk into that place they’re burning incense which smells good and it goes with the environment well. All along the walls they have vintage LPs and framed photos of how their store used to look like in the past. Poo-Bahs also has these weird strange sculptures and nicky-knacks all around you, on tables, on ledges, everywhere.

After Poo-Bahs, my Dad and I arrive at the next door Guitar Center and there I see Nikki Sixx in the bass room. I run after him and I start talking to him again. “Hi, Nikki, it’s me again.” “Wow, I never thought I would run into you today, wasn’t it fun at my house yesterday.” And we go on to talk about our lives as usual. Nikki Sixx tells me that he is performing tomorrow at the Whisky A-Go-Go and that he would be happy to take me there so I can see him play with Mötley Crüe. We get all chummy again and I want to go back to his house again. So my Dad tells me to call my Mom on his cell phone asking her if it is okay. I call her leaving a message, but she doesn’t pick up right away because she is busy.

I ask my Dad if Nikki Sixx and I can go for a walk. He says, “Yes, of course, you guys can go for a walk.” So Nikki Sixx and I leave the Guitar Center place and we start walking on the sidewalks by Poo-Bahs and Guitar Center. We didn’t do as nearly as much talking as we did flirting with each other. We found a quiet street corner and we started making out where no one could see us, not even the cars that were driving behind us on the streets. Then we decided that we would come back to Guitar Center to see my Dad again. When we walk into “Guitar Center,” I ask him, “Did she say yes?” My Dad told me, “She doesn’t really feel comfortable with it but, she will let you visit his house again. She feels that you’re an adult now and that you’re old enough to be making your own decisions.”

This time my car was at home, and Nikki Sixx had his car though. So he took me to his home again and he got an erection while behind the wheel and UFO’s “Rock Bottom” was playing his car stereo. Nikki Sixx was also having a nice conversation with me about how we’re going to watch some good porn when he gets home. That really turned me on. That Nikki Sixx always knows just how to do it.

By the time he drove to his house, it was about three o’ clock in the afternoon, getting really late in the day. When I walk in his house he doesn’t hesitate to turn on the porn right away. Then we start getting really busy. We snort lots of that fine Persian cocaine to get yourselves really turned up for the best “sex session” of a lifetime. Nikki Sixx is as high as a kite, and I see that he’s humping the leather couch pillows. I tap him on the back, saying, “Hey my ass is over here.” Then he goes really hardcore “doggy style” on me. I liked it. I squeeze his balls and he starts screaming like a weasel. I handcuff him and he starts freaking out because he thinks he’s gonna go to jail. And when I ride him he gets even higher. His eyeballs look as if they are about ready to explode, like dynamite.

The day after Nikki Sixx and I wake up dazed out of our minds. Nikki tells me, “Girl you really blew my mind last night.” “Same too, you too, you really blew my mind too.” We eat some breakfast and then I watch him masturbate his dick. Later, Nikki Sixx starts practicing and then he takes me with him to Mötley Crüe’s gig at the “Whisky A-Go-Go.” The show started at 8 o’ clock at night and went on until 3 o’ clock in the morning. The crowd was great; Mötley Crüe fans are extremely dedicated to their band.

The day after I call my Dad to bring my car to Nikki’s house because, I’m moving in with him because, we’re gonna have wild crazy sex everyday! I’m his pussycat and his top-notch cat. I really lured him in. We play underneath the moonlight. He would never want my sweet love to stop.”


My fantasy story takes place in an urban setting. I begin the story by getting behind the wheel. This story is entirely fictional. [This is the clean version!]

“It’s November 2014 and I am excited to take a break from school! The first three months of school have completely drained me. I jump into my red Ferrari Testarossa and I speed across the freeway straight to Hollywood. I’m headed to the Sunset Strip, which is Hollywood’s classic rock and roll scene. Hollywood is a vivid city with neon lights, buildings, and clubs. I drive off the freeway on the Sunset Strip exit, blasting Mötley Crüe music in my car. I drive through Beverly Hills, eventually reaching the Sunset Strip. I’m here to see Aerosmith play at the House of Blues.

I enter the show to see Aerosmith and I’m suddenly surprised when I see my rockstar idol standing next to me, Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe.  I turn around facing him, seeing his beautiful green eyes, his messy black hair, and his black goatee. I talk to him during the whole entire show as we enjoy the music. I say to Nikki, “Hello, are you Nikki Sixx?” Nikki responds to me by exclaiming, “Yes, I am Nikki Sixx. Hello.” I ask Nikki, “How’s life been treating you lately?” He answers me; “Life is delightful. I am very pleased with my Sixx Sense radio show.” “I listen to your radio show every night.” “Thank you, I truly appreciate all my listeners.”

After the show, he takes me to the “Cravings” restaurant for dinner. Nikki orders coffee and I order Coca-Cola. I drive Nikki to his house in Calabasas in my red Ferrari. As I drive, Nikki smiles at me telling me, “I had so much fun tonight at the concert and at the dinner.” I respond back to him with, “I feel good! I’m having fun too, the night is not over yet.”

I blast some good “Ozzy’s Boneyard Musi”c (Sirius XM Station) on the way to his house in Calabasas. When we park in his garage, he tells me that he’s too tired to get out of the car. Nikki tells me, “I’m so tired from the concert that I don’t want to get out of the car.” I hold his hand as he gives me this devious smile. I surprise him with a gold necklace. “Ohh! A Gold necklace, is that for me?” “Yes, this is for you. My Dad gave it to me and told me to give it to someone special when that day comes.” “Thank you, Anne.”

Nikki carries on the conversation by telling me that he’s having a really great night tonight. He wishes that everyday for the rest of his life can be like this. “I’m having a really great night tonight. I wish that everyday for the rest of my life could be like this.” “I am so happy that I found you! Being here with you is wonderful.” “I’m extremely happy that I found you too. You’ve been so nice to me.” “You look content.” “I am content. I’m falling asleep.” Nikki yawns.

The next day Nikki throws a pool party. Nikki and I both have great fun swimming together and half the time all we did was splash each other. We dry off and go in the house, and he shows me some of his skills on the bass guitar in his living room. I cheered him on as he played the “Primal Scream” riffs, which made me feel happy. I screamed out to him, “Woo!” I told him that I think he’s adorable, he thanked me and smiled at me. “I think that you’re adorable.” “Thank you Anne.”

The next day my Mom is doing an “antique doll show” again in Pasadena. My Dad and I are helping her set up for the doll show. When I come into the doll show to help her set up, I grab a donut from the box that is lying out near the coffee on the table. After 15 minutes pass, my Dad and I leave and start driving to this record store called, Poo-Bah.

When I walk in Poo-Bah Records, they are burning incense which smells good and it goes with the environment well. All along the walls they have vintage albums and framed photos of how their store used to look like in the past. Poo-Bah is also decorated with strange sculptures, nicky-knacks, and stickers all around you, on the tables, on the ledges, and everywhere else. Poo-Bah Records is a small building in Pasadena; they sell rare and/or collectable cds and vinyl.

After Poo-Bah Records, my Dad and I arrive at the next door Guitar Center. There I see Nikki Sixx in the bass room. I run after him and I start talking to him again. “Hi, Nikki, it’s me again.” “Wow, I never thought I would run into you today, wasn’t it fun at my house yesterday?” We go on and talk about our lives as usual. Nikki tells me that he’s performing tomorrow at the “Whisky A-Go-Go.” He tells me that he would be happy to take me there so I can see him play with Mötley Crüe.

“I’m performing tomorrow at the “Whisky-A-Go-Go.” I would be more than happy to drive you there so you can see me play onstage with Mötley Crüe.” “Yes! Can you please take me there? I would love to see you play!” Nikki and I get friendly with each other again and I want to go back to his house. My Dad tells me to call my Mom on my cell phone to ask her if it is okay. “Call your Mom on your cell phone to ask her if it okay to go back to Nikki’s house.” I call her leaving a message. She could not pick up the phone right away because, she is busy at the doll show. I ask my Dad, “Can Nikki and I go for a walk?” He says to us, “Yes, of course, you guys can go for a walk.”

Nikki and I leave Guitar Center and we start walking on the sidewalks by Poo-Bah Records and Guitar Center. After a short while, Nikki and I decided that we would come back to Guitar Center to see if my Dad contacted my Mom. I walk into Guitar Center with Nikki and I ask him, “Did she say yes?” My Dad tells me, “She doesn’t really feel comfortable with it but, she will let you visit his house again. She feels that you’re an adult now and that you’re old enough to be making your own decisions.”

I reply to my Dad saying, “Okay, Nikki can take me home now.” Nikki joyfully shouts, “Yes!” This time my car was at home and Nikki is taking me home in his car. He took me to his home again and he started singing to UFO’s “Rock Bottom” which was playing on his car stereo. Nikki was also having a nice conversation with me about how we’re going to watch some good movies when we get home. “I can’t wait to watch some good movies with you. It’ll be intense.” I tell him, “I am so excited right now, I can’t wait to get home and watch those movies!”

By the time he drove to his house, it was about three o’clock in the afternoon, which was really late in the day. When I walk into his house, he does not hesitate to turn on the movie “Horrible Bosses” right away. I sat down with him to watch the movie. He brought me some popcorn and “Dr. Pepper” soda. Nikki was drinking Mountain Dew soda (which has a lot of caffeine) and he started acting super wacky. He jumps on the couch and shouting like an elephant. That made me laugh. I see a look in his eyes, that he is ready to explode like dynamite. Then I start acting like him and suddenly we hear the doorbell ring “Ding-Dong”, which scared us! Nikki opens the door only to see the pizza delivery guy. He was at the wrong address because, nobody ordered pizza. Nikki just took the pizza box right out of his hands anyway and he cried out, “Pizza!”

The next morning Nikki and I eat some breakfast and listen to Black Sabbath on his stereo. After three o’clock in the afternoon, Nikki is practicing for his show that he will be playing at. At six o’clock, he drives me to Mötley Crüe’s gig at the “Whisky A-Go-Go.” I’m backstage waiting for the band to go on, and then I will be able to blend in with the audience to watch him play onstage. The show started at eight o’clock at night and went on to three o’clock in the morning. The crowd was great. Mötley Crüe fans are extremely dedicated to their band.

The day after I call my Dad to bring my car to Nikki’s house because, I’m moving in with him. “Dad you need to drive my Ferrari Testarossa to Nikki’s house because, I’m moving in with him” “You’re moving in with him? Wow!” “I know, it will be fabulous! I just need to have my car back.”

Nikki told me he finds it enjoyable to spend time with me and that I am just marvelous. “I really find it enjoyable spending time with you. I think you’re a marvelous girl.” “Thank you for your compliments, you make me feel good.” Over the last four days, I have found him to be really captivating. I can’t get away from his radiance. I respect him, no matter what he does. I feel just like the way Priscilla Presley felt when she met Elvis Presley in 1959!”

I included both essays to see which essay you would like better and so you can compare them. I mean, the stories are the same but different in themes. Let me explain how I “substituted” drugs, sex, and alcohol references. I substituted oral sex for a gold necklace, “I surprise him with a gold necklace.” I substituted beer for coffee and cocaine for Mountain Dew. I substituted bachelorette party for pool party; “The next day Nikki throws a pool party.” During the writing process in the final draft, I had substituted getting stoned for the word “content.” I substituted porn for movies, in particular, the movie “Horrible Bosses.” It was a lot of work, but I had to do what I was going to do. I nailed this assignment! And I was writing about my sex fantasy! When I turned it in I just did a few simple switches and refered to Nikki Sixx as Frank. My story is partially based on true events, in November 2009; I went to San Fransico, CA. I wrote an essay about that in the seventh grade, that essay was titled, “My Trip to San Fransico.” This was my opening line for that essay, “It was November 2009 and I am excited to take a break from school! The first three months of school have completely drained me.” My Mom does attend Antique Doll shows in Pasadena, CA occasionally. My Dad and I do visit Poo-Bah Records and Guitar Center in Pasadena, CA (of course we do, how would I know about it otherwise). I hoped you liked at least one of my essays. Doesn’t it serve as an example of how strong my feelings are for Nikki?

Saturday, January 25, 2014:

I did some research yesterday about snail reproduction for some reason. 1) Snails hang out by my house 2) I was just curious. 3) Marine Science class. I posted this on Twitlonger, “It’s really interesting you should read it! Snails actually get twice the pleasure when they copulate. All snails are hermaphrodite. So only call a snail an “it”, not he or she. All slugs have male parts.” You know why penises are my favorite part about nature? When I learn about animals, it’s always interesting to learn about their ways of mating. Penises are beautiful on all animals (I’m talking about the erect penis). [I know, that sounded so wrong! I didn’t mean it like that! I meant that artistically, I’m sorry!] When slugs intertwine their penises they actually glow a blue color and their penises make a flower shape. I think that’s really cool. The most appealing part of the penis is the glans (if you don’t know what that is, it’s the “tip” part of it). The genitals in general are the most interesting things to learn about. I like all no one two penises are the same. All animals have different penises including monkeys. So if I want to see your erect penis baby, there’s more reason behind than just sex, I just think it’s beautiful [artistically]. I think about it’s shape and everything, it’s amazing to me (you know the nature part of it). Write more later.

Sunday, January 26, 2014:

For the monkeys, I’m talking about the chimpanzees and the baboons. The barnacle is one marine animal that has an incredible penis; its penis can reach up to 10 feet in length. Another amazing penis in size is the one of the killer whale. When I said, alligators have permanently erect penis that they pop in and out of these sacks. Snakes have two penises. The echidna has a four-headed penis. These are all facts I already knew. Now you should know what I mean when I say in nature that no two penises are the same. This is why they are so fascinating. Even in humans, no two penises are really the same. We have showers, growers, vertical penises, horizontal penises, and it goes on. Now let me go more specifically into the snail reproduction story. Snails’ stab each other with love darts, basically needles that pop out their body. And if that needle stabs an organ, that snail dies, so snails are masochistic. Then the snails’ penises get erect, but snails do get twice the pleasure than what we do because, they are hermaphrodite. I’ll explain; the snails insert their penises into their vaginas. Can you get a picture of that? One penis is going inside one vagina simultaneously while the other snail’s penis is being inserted into the other snail’s vagina. Now do you get it? They get TWICE the pleasure. No fair!

Sunday, January 26, 2014:

When I orgasm I feel like someone hit me with a crow bar. I’m so kinky. I’m probably kinkier than Nikki Sixx is or at least about the same! Nikki and I would be a good pair because I’m more than 100% sure that I could sexually satisfy him. Give him a better sex life than what he has now. I [play around twice] and then I feel like I’m up in the sky. Getting an orgasm is getting high, and that’s the bottom line. And yes is it oh so NICE! I’m kind of like Kyle from the Sixx Sense, I watch a lot of that stuff, but I don’t really watch it that often. When I do, I watch a lot of it.

Moving on to the fact that I’m young, I NEVER wished that to be at this time. I was born in 1997, but if I were born 1977, I wouldn’t have missed all the great things that happened with Mötley Crüe in the 1980’s! I can’t change that, so don’t be looking down on me. Look down upon other people, but don’t do that shit to me. I’m becoming a legal adult, which is a GREAT thing for me right now. I still make GOOD DECISIONS like an adult should. I’ve gotten a lot of flack from Twitter users recently about my age, and I’m just putting this out there. When I do have my legacy at 30, I want it to be good one not a bad one! When I get there I get there. I’m just fine for now, rather be too young than too old! I hope that Nikki you won’t be discriminating against me either. That’s not good period! I’m very smart too and if I get smarter as I get older, so what. I’m not Justin Bieber.

Remember that sexual “virginity-breaking stuffed animal idea” from Wednesday, January 15th, 2014? I’m NOT doing that anymore at all. Total change of plan for me to “lose my virginity.” That idea was stupid anyway, don’t you think so? I think so! I’m “breaking my virginity” through the “Sybian” now, but NOT the real “Sybian.” What you know as the “Sybian” costs WAY too much money for me to be able to afford. What I am doing now is “breaking my virginity” through a bunch of good-ass dildos. I am constructing a sex kit VERY SIMILAR to the “Sybian,” and I can afford it. First, I have to purchase this thing called the “Liberator Bon-Bon Sex Toy Mount.” It is A LOT of work but I feel it may be worth it! Before I do that though, I plan on purchasing two other sexual items because, I feel that they are more important to me right now. One I think may be what they call a “restraint” and the other one is what they call a “pump.” It’s a certain type of pump, and I don’t know that if I should tell you, but I am because, I’m starting to fall into that trap. I feel I don’t need to start writing about “vagina anatomy,” but I need these straps, and these straps do something very specific. Dammit Nikki, I know you know all about the clitoris and so you were talking about it on the Sixx Sense recently. Great! That’s a good thing! Pat on the back to you, congratulations!

I still want to come up with a way we can have sex with our cars, since the car is our utmost personal possession. [NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!] I am going to come up with this way you can have sex in your car seat. AND do not steal my idea and profit from it! You have a plastic box, much like a car seat. There is door that opens. And out comes the dildo (for the women) or the flesh light (for you guys). I would get a plastic hollow box with a door cared into it. I would get another one of those “Liberator Bon-Bon Sex Toy Mounts” and then I would pop the dildo in it. When you open the door, then you can see the dildo. Some how that box will have to be firmly secured to the car seat so, it does not move. That is my vision people, sexual pleasure in your car, from your car. So Nikki now you know about my sex life so you don’t have to ask me about it. [I don’t have a real “sex life,” do I?] And I’m seeing Nikki Sixx in just two days from now, this Tuesday (January 28th) on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” I will be standing outside the fence because the tickets are sold out. Hopefully, it will be fun. I have my zoomies binoculars so I can see Nikki Sixx really well. I’ll also be taking pictures and recording at least one movie. I have to get ready for this event all tomorrow and I will also be leaving school at 12:00 PM on Tuesday. I can’t wait for it. I’m ready to see him again in person. It’s always better that way! I hope one day he changes his mind and decides that he wants to fuck me. Change it now, seriously I’m worth it. Come on now. Maybe we can be in a relationship together and the media will shit on us. But you know what baby, when the media [will probably] shit on us, we’ll shit on them back! I’m really craving another hug from Nikki right now. Like he says, “you take a taste of me and then you’ll never get away.” That’s so true baby. For my first car, I still want to get a Ferrari replica (I know a counterfeit Ferrari, how cool)! I either want to get a Ferrari Spider or a Ferrari California. I am never sure in my decision yet. I will pay my dues and become a good driver first. That way I know what I’m doing and I won’t get a bunch of tickets or wind up like “the Bieb.” I also was thinking about taking a tour at the Ferrari factory, if I could! That would be a nice adventure! Bye for now.

I just want to say one more thing tonight. I was on Facebook and Twitter looking at some posts that made me think of something, that I was looking recently. I just want to let you people know, and most importantly let you know, that I think Nikki Sixx is a beautiful human begin inside and out. I amazed by his compassion and his empathy that he holds inside of his heart. So I hope that made you feel good about yourself.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014:

I’m doing an another stereotypical entry in this book right now because; I felt it was an emergency. I am pretty depressed right now about a lot of things, mostly having to deal with my English teacher tomorrow. You see; her and I don’t get along anymore. I’ve been with her since last Friday. My English teacher me cry twice this school year, once last year (was) and she made me cry again on Friday, January 10th, 2013. It’s a shame because I gave her a card for the holidays this year and we were getting along well. I know that if she can make me cry once, and now twice, that there will be a third and possibly a fourth time. So as far as I’m concerned out relationship ended last Friday. And I confess that we both like David Bowie so to make myself feel better, I wore a David Bowie shirt on Monday. I’m into David Bowie also so that was my reason for wearing the shirt. And by the way, I’m not sixteen years old anymore; I celebrated my Birthday on January 2nd, 2014, so I am seventeen now. Now here’s what’s going on inside my head right now, and it will shock you. I realize Nikki is not the same person anymore as he was when he was younger. That can be good and bad for me. As people get older, that shadow of their youth fades away. I wonder if youth just fades away from them in general? Yeah, that’s right, me, I wonder if I will be able to really talk to him in the future and make a good connection with him again? I’m questioning myself. So this is weird, I have been fantasizing about the younger Nikki Sixx an awful lot. I mean him in 1981, the really young Nikki Sixx; yeah I guess him closer to my age. Here’s the problem; I like the raggedy clothes, his platform shoes, his hair, his body, and so on. So my head is all over the place right now. You know what, I like this kind of writing but, I hate school writing. I hate writing in school; it just isn’t the same. The flow of creativity and ideas just isn’t the same because I’m not motivated at all. I’m only motivated to write if it’s a topic that I’m interested in. You know what else is really weird right now; I have a poster of the Ferrari logo up on my wall. You know the black stallion horse behind the yellow background, and on top are the green, white, and red stripes (for the Italian flag). Sometimes I think about that horse, in very weird ways. And here’s another thing for you to chew on; I am really upset about the word “virginity” and what I means. I want to break my virginity, so I can let go the fact that there’s a stereotypical image with the word “virgin.” Damn right there is a stereotype that is directly linked with that word, and I don’t want to be that person. There’s an untouched, good girl, innocent image that goes with the word “virgin.” And I’m not stupid enough not to pick up on that. And I am uncomfortable with that. “Virgin” can also be used as a term to coin musicians that have not hit the big time yet or when an individual is first introduced to a new skill in life. Everything about this word “virgin” just frustrates me so much like you wouldn’t believe. And guys like think you’re “fresh out of the womb.” I can’t realistically break my virginity by its defining standards, but there is something that I can do to break the mental illusion of being a virgin. Some people think virgins are girls who have never been “penetrated” down there, got news for you; we’ve got dildos! If I think if it that way, it kind of makes me feel better, but really most people do not think of it that way at all. By definition standards, a “virgin” is someone who has never engaged in sexual intercourse; I’m sure they mean male to female copulation. I know this can be frustrating for gay people too. In the most bizarre way I plan on breaking my “virginity” and the mental illusion of the stereotype that comes with it. To “engage in sexual intercourse” you have to be having sex with a human partner. Oh come on, right? Well my solution to this puzzle is the make the partner, not human, but almost human. This is where I’m getting down to here, have you ever fantasized about a fictional character? Yes, No? I think it’s mostly the people who watched a lot of cartoons or have read a lot of comic books. Other fictitious characters may exist as mascots or in movies, in artwork, and so on. Well, if you can bring that character to life, I believe that character may be close enough to be human to you and you only. You can feel that way about it mentally. For me that character is the Tex Avery wolf, from Tex Avery’s “MGM cartoons” in the 1940’s. I do have a plan to bring that character to life, by making my own 6 foot tall life-size stuffed animal of that wolf. But I learned yesterday that’s going to really expensive; costs like over $200 to get all the materials together. What I was planning on is buying a strap-on harness dildo, and putting it on the life-size stuffed animal of that wolf. No, seriously like for real. So my strategy to getting this “virginity” off my mind is to make your own, or have your own, customized sex doll? Yeah, I guess that’s basically what I’m saying. What you know I’m in a situation, one of those situations. Where I have a celebrity crush and he’s getting married. I don’t want to fuck anyone else but him! So there’s nothing else for me to do with my “virginity!” So now I’m left with a choice either get the materials together for my wolf or do something else with my time. I can’t afford to spend $200 dollars (not all at once, at least) to build my stuffed animal. This is where the other character comes in, a car. You know damn right that Ferrari Testarossa is a beautiful car. And I would screw that car if I could and don’t you dare laugh at me. I don’t care if you do. See I told you this is all very bizarre. I can’t afford a car either, so what I’m going to have look into a getting a stuffed plush version of this car. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “what the fuck man?” I think this is cheaper and I’d rather break my virginity with the Testarossa anyway. You know all I want to do is shatter a stereotype and mentally be able to think like my virginity is already broken. Yes, I know this got real weird. I think this “sex” will be a lot of fun. This is something that other people never get to do. And to do this, you have to be able to develop some type fetish for it, or else you will never be comfortable with it. I know I am going to be “having sex” with an inanimate object to be “breaking my virginity”. All I can say is that it probably works. And yes I know it’s kind of sad. Yeah I get depressed about Nikki, all the time; it hits me the hardest before I go to sleep at night. I know the 2nd semester ends on January 24th, 2014 so I have to chop-chop. I probably need to do homework this week too, like my Martin Luther King essay, and my “Marine Science” photography project. I know junior year of high school is really stressful. I want to make sure I do the assignments that are worth the most points so that I can pass my classes and/or get a good grade. And my Mom had the big screen TV on really loud, she was watching Elvis movies, so I couldn’t be on the computer and do my essay homework. Two good reasons, I couldn’t focus at all and I was tired. So I went in my room, my Mom has been cranky, so I was depressed last night. I have a computer in my room but that computer runs extremely slow. So this weekend my Dad will have to replace the computer in my room, which I may be able to get more of my homework done then. My Mom also keeps telling me she sent my English teacher an email, she told me to look at it and I didn’t want to. My teacher’s policy is that she only gives help during lunch break. Why would I even bother going to her for help ever again after she’s made me cry TWICE? I don’t even care anymore. It’s too late for excuses now. As far as I’m concerned in someone brings me to tears in their classroom, there no longer my friend anymore because, I have can’t have a positive relationship with that person anymore because, that person upsets me! So my Mom doesn’t understand why I’m stressed out.
My teacher gave us an assignment where we get to interpret a piece of artwork, and I get to pick my choice of work. The artist has to have significant historic and cultural value; I am a fan of Salvador Dali's work so I picked him. The piece has to have a thought provoking meaning and reflection. The piece needs to have deep content and meaning. I will need to write a college essay so I need something good to work with here. I picked my Top 6 works by him and I am stuck here as to which piece to pick for my interpretation. (In no particular order or ranking) 1) The Persistence of Memory 2) Swans Reflecting Elephants 3) Dream Caused by The Flight of a Bee 4) Self Construction with Boiled Beans 5) Burning Giraffe 6) Illumined Pleasures.Salador Dali top 6 by annehill


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